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01.  Earthquakes hit Turkey; February 6, 2023
Here is a list of my Websites on this Home Page.
They are all generally the same; other that the two BibleSermonsMP3 sites that have the list of Sermons on them.
In February 2023, I’ve upgraded my Web Hosting Service, to a Class G4 Dedicated Server; so the pages should load faster. I will gradually be going down the list of pages and begin to remove some of the clutter, broken links and reduce the pages to just the page topic, it will allow the page to load faster and maybe more Internet Search Engines will index the pages, so more people though out the world will find the pages and the information will be helpful, during the coming Great Tribulation Period; as this time frame will be the end of the Age of Grace and the beginning of the Millennial Reign.
01.   www.BibleClass123.com
02.   www.BibleSermons123.com
03.   www.BibleSermonsMP3.com
04.   www.BibleSermonsMP3.org
05.   www.Tribulation101.com
06.   www.Tribulation102.com
07.   www.TribulationVideos.com
08.   www.TribulationPeriod1.com
09.   www.TribulationPeriod12.com
10.   www.TribulationPeriod123.com
11.   www.KensBibleClass.com
12.   www.TribulationPeriod101.com
The Sermons and most of the scientific information on this website are from: Pastor Tom McElmurry, at Dardanelle Missionary Baptist Church, Dardanelle, Arkansas.

Tom McElmurry is a pastor who holds University, Seminary, and Institutional degrees in Physical Science, Theology, and Divinity. He was certified as a Meteorologist in 1954 by the United States Air Force; became a member of the American Meteorological Society in 1962; served in the Mid-eastern, African, European, and Far-Eastern Theaters as a Meteorologist; and is a member of the Israel Geological Society. He worked as a tornado forecaster in the Kansas City Severe Weather Service, and as an analyst for the National Security Agency, retiring from the USAF-NSA in 1971. He has taught Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science, Biology, and Earth Science in the public school system as a certified teacher, and has written three books: Tectonic Chaos, Tribulation Triad, and Tribulation Birth Pangs from the Bottomless Pit. He has also written scientific articles published by the USAF and the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. His wife and family reside in Dardanelle, Arkansas, where he has pastored since 1974; for 45 years. His military and civilian education includes 2,730 clock hours of meteorological instruction in USAF selected institutions of higher learning, and more than 265 University and Seminary hours in undergraduate and graduate studies. He has lectured worldwide in 20 Missionary Baptist colleges and seminaries, and in more than 800 Missionary Baptist Churches in Lithuania, Romania, Africa, and the U.S.A. He is a distinguished graduate of the USAFMAC Military Academy.


On April 5, 2019;

Pastor Thomas Marshal McElmurry passed from this earth life into the Eternal Spiritual Life.

1.Thomas Marshal McElmurry obituary