These are some Links to information about the Universe. It is so amazing, that most people of the world live only believing there entire existence has to be here in this Earth Life. They overwhelm there lives with the activities of life, so much that they never consider anything beyond the Death of their Earth Life…

The Links will open up to some pages about the Universe…

The cluster CL0024+17

Hubble image of the cluster CL0024+17

El Gordo (galaxy cluster)

Abell 2744, nicknamed Pandora’s Cluster

List of Abell clusters

Abell 383, the giant cluster of elliptical galaxies

Phoenix Cluster

Local Group & Milky Way

Virgo Cluster

Virgo Supercluster

Laniakea Supercluster



List of largest cosmic structures

There is so much to learn about the Universe, it is beyond our minds ability to understand.

It is also true about the Word of God and yet the vast majority of humanity does not even care to Learn anything about the Creator who has created all these things…