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Here are some of the Newest Pages and Video Links
A Message to the 144000 Jewish Christian Believers in Beersheba, Israel
Here are some Videos that describe Volcanic activity and a few other Earth Geological events that might be helpful in understand the Topic of the Great Tribulation Period.
01.   What If All Volcanoes Erupted At Once Mar 22, 2020
02.   Strangest Phenomenon Ever Recorded In History Feb 21, 2020
Newest Pages as September 24, 2021:
01.  A Home Page 7 Israel
02.  The Antichrist Debate
04.  The Way of the Cross
05.  Zoom Forward a Blessed Future in Heaven
06.  Zoom Forward a Going On in the Path of Life
07Zoom Forward a Tree Planted by the Rivers of Water
08.  Zoom Forward Awesome God
09.  Zoom Forward Dew of the Morning
10.  Zoom Forward Eternal Heavenly Mount Zion
11.  Zoom Forward Firstfruits to God
12.  Zoom Forward Grave of Death
13.  Zoom Forward Life is Like a Mountain Railroad
14.  Zoom Forward Light of the World
15.  Zoom Forward Potter Clay Vessel
16.  Zoom Forward Revelation Tribulation Volcanoes
17.  Zoom Forward The Infinite Being Lord God Almighty 
Here is a page with links to Excellent Videos:
01.  01B GeologyHub YouTube 2021 Links
Here are some very good Videos:
01.  A Disaster is Coming
02.  Something Colossal is About to Happen With the Sun Jul 7, 2021
03.  Pole Shift Underway as Earth’s Magnetic Field Continues to Weaken July 12, 2021
04.  SOLAR KILLSHOT | The Sun Sent a Wake-Up Call Jul 18, 2021